Thank you

Thank you husband for the suprise. Not just this but everything. Really appreciate this. So romantic! Hehehe jangan jealous ye. Celebrating my birthday on the 26th of August, movie back to back, special dinner. Thank you husband for the present. I got two present for this year wowww!  

Thank you Allah. For giving me another more year. Alhamdulillah. I am truly blessed with all that You gave me. I learned that life is not easy but You always be with me and listen to me. Please, take care of me and all my loved ones. All that I need is my second chance...

On the other note, I would like to thank all my family and friends for the birthday wishes. Thank you so much for the warm greetings and thoughts. Really appreciate it. First and foremost, thank you so much to my parents for bringing me up to this world and teach me about life and all the good things. Thank you husband for a wonderful day. Pray hard for my good health, pray for the second chances and wish to celebrate this date again next year. InsyaAllah....

Balik kampung oo oo balik kampung hati girang

Hehehe setelah berperang during the weekend. This was the result for Saturday only, not to be considered on Sunday punya hasil kahkah. Bukanlah kata kami membazir, it is just that the first time celebrating it together and shopping it together jadinya excited itu terlebih hehe. Now pun, bila shopping untuk both side kan hehe. 

Our theme colour will be green yoo. Ikut baju melayu the husband so saya pun mencari hijau haha even I never like green before. So we will be in green this first raya hehe. Nantikan saya dalam hijau haha. Baju raya tahun ni semua ready made, 3 pasang je pun. Jangan terkejut ada orang tu end up baju dia lagi banyak hahaha. Duit raya tahun ni ingat dah kurang sorang, tapi rupanya tambah sorang lagi hihihi. Tapi siapa nak bagi duit raya kat saya?? Hahaha encik suami laa hahaha. 

I am just so excited, tomorrow will be going back to Perak for hari raya. Yes, this year will be at my hometown. On second day of raya akan pulang ke Melaka pulak. Just 3 days leave for hari raya, as Monday and Tuesday will be public holiday hehe. So to everyone please have a safe journey okay, traffic today and tomorrow will surely be massive. Biar lambat, asal selamat sampai. Also a reminder to the husband, please drive us carefully hehe. Kalau tak sepanjang perjalanan, anda akan mendengar radio bersiaran tanpa henti kihkih.

On the other note, today 16th of August 2012 marks my 5th year in service, alhamdulillah... To go through all those day until today is not easy but I think I made it. Hehehe wondering macam mana agaknya nak sampai ke pencen. Hehehe itupun kalau sampailah. Wish I will be matured, productive and dedicated to the career insyaAllah.


Montel tak saya??