I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have, I always will...

Finally today I am back to work!!! *sigh*

Picture above was taken masa kenduri side encik husband. Apple green hehe which I was like huuuh what pakai hijau??? Hehehe... Alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar and just can't believe that we finally married.

The best news after we got married is that the husband will start his new work in KL this January. Oh rezeki pertama dari Allah selepas kahwin. Alhamdulillah sangat-sangat bersyukur dengan rahmat dan izinNya. Akhirnya doa saya dimakbulkan untuk dekat dengan suami tersayang. Tak sangka secepat ni rezeki yang Allah bagi, syukur ya Allah.

What I hope is that we will live happily ever after. Semoga rumahtangga yang dibina berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat dan semoga kami sama-sama dapat menempuh suka dan duka hidup berumahtangga. Semoga dijauhi segala dugaan dan cubaan manusia yang punya sifat hasad dan dengki, insyaAllah.

Love you my dear husband...

Thank you Allah...

Hehe just to share with all of you guys and definitely more and more pictures to come... Please pray for my happiness as I am so happy hehe to be with the one that I love, insyaAllah...


I'm now officially married to a man that I love so much.

Alhamdullilah the majlis akad nikah went well and I'm looking forward for the reception tomorrow. Oh now I knew what it feels like while waiting for the akad nikah pheew even it is not me that have to lafaz the qabul but there was a big butterfly in my stomach just now hihihi...

Thank you Allah...

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Hooray Hooray Hip Hip Hooray

Today will be my last day at the office, will start my wedding leave starting from next week hehehe... Encik fiance will send me back this weekend and will bring my car back to Melaka.

Shy Shy Cat

Huwaaaa dah agak dah!! Malu malu malu... Hari ni buat keje delivery my wedding invitation card. Nasib ada pengiring khas, aku belum pass card lagi orang dah tau aku nak bagi apa cessss. Okay hari ni je hehe...

Salam Maal Hijrah 1433H

Salam Maal Hijrah 1433H. 

Wishing you happy memories of the past and a great beginning for the coming of Hijrah 1433. May Allah shower His choicest blessings on this special day insyaAllah.

The only thing that I asked is for me to forget all those unwanted memories and may Allah open up my heart to give forgiveness to every person that are responsible hurting me so much. May Allah give me the strength to forgive and to forget and I would say thank you Allah for giving me the chance to see all the true colors of people around me..

Wish to start a new beginning in my life and may Allah bless my life, my new hope, amin...

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Oh yess!!

Oh yes, finally it's Friday and I am waiting for it like wooow wooow wooow!! There's a lot of things to do to during this long weekend hehehe and off course the sleeping session will be the most important hihihi... Have to charge my energy for the big day hehehe...

So, happy weekend peeps. Have a nice one yaaa!!

Trust your instinct to the end, even though you can render no reason

Hello peeps...

How's life going with you? Mind was a little bit busy, just have only a week to work and then going to take my wedding leave for two weeks. Pheww lot of things to settle before the long holiday especially the annual performance assessment hahaha sebenarnya aku dah gilerr punya malassss, dooo.

This week was tiring for me. Entahlah lemau je badan, balik rumah tu rasa taknak buat apa-apa dah melainkan tergolek macam ayam golek hahaha. Maybe due to the energy that had been absorbed dek aircond yang gila gila sejuk kat opis. Oh rumah baru pun sangat sejuk, boleh jer tak on kipas masa tidur sebab kalau tak gigil laaa tak buleh nak lelap.

Other than that, all the wedding invitation card saya dah pos. Accept the one yang saya nak bagi by hand kat office, reason? Biar last week aku kerja baru bagi sebab nanti kurang sikit hari aku nak kena sakat ke hape ke... Hahaha belum bagi kad pun hari-hari dah kena hahaha hampeh. Hopefully those yang aku dah send tu tak ada la yang tercicir, itupun dah habis aku buat listing tu hahaha kalau ada tu ampun laa.

Congrats my boy!!

Yesss I am so happy and proud of my little brother for his result in UPSR. I just knew that he can do it even he's a little bit malas nak study hehe. He's the only who got straight A's for the school, alhamdulillah... I had promise him a present before he sat for the exam hahaha and now I'm doing my budget before buying the thing. Promise to buy him a PSP hahaha guess what, I am also kinda of interested to that thing hehehe. So as my wedding are coming very soon in 2 weeks time, I have to kautim with him to wait until next month because his kakak is going to bankrupt if have to buy the present now hehehe...

Bought this cake yesterday to celebrate with him. I just love this cake with two little angry bird on top of it hihihi...

This is the little boy when he was 3. I love this picture very much, it's like I'm gonna miss him when he was still a very small boy... Just can't believe that he will turn to 13 next year and I keep calling him baby until now hehehe that make him angry opppsss sorry I just don't know when I can accept that my dearest baby boy is no longer a baby... Anyway I am proud of you and will always pray for your success in life and future undertakings, muaaaaaaahssss!!

Welcome baby

Hahaha finally decided to buy this for the hantaran. Lepas ni dua-dua sibuk nak ambik gambar je, eh ke dia yang ambik gambar saya hehehehe? Finally this week we manage to settle all things for the hantaran phewww lega gila okay...

Panic, panic!!

Haaaaa patut tak rasa panik bila pipi tak kurus-kurus lagi... Kan?? Sekarang sedang gigih diet makan roti aje, itulah masa ada banyak masa hari tu kau main-main kan sekarang dah nak dekat kau nak gelabah lapar-lapar tak makan. Hahaha nak susut banyak in a few weeks time it's impossible hihihi tapi nampak sikit pengurangan lelemak durjana pun dah okay hehehe yang penting happy hahaha ayat cover buweeekkk!! Mungkin di majlis nanti muka aku akan nampak ada iras-iras roti gardenia kot hahaha sekian.

Salam Aidiladha

“Selawat Allah ke atas junjungan Muhammad, dan keluarga Muhammad, sebagaimana selawat-Mu ya Allah ke atas Ibrahim dan keluarga Ibrahim"

Salam Aidiladha to all friends and readers. Semoga sama-sama dapat menghayati makna sebuah pengorbanan dalam diri dan hidup di atas muka bumi ini. Tahun ini adalah tahun yang paling memberikan cabaran, dugaan dan kepayahan bagi aku. Tapi Tuhan Maha Mengetahui dan Maha menyayangi hambaNya, diberikan dan dititipkan sabar dalam diri untuk menempuh semuanya. Moga diberkati olehNya dan disejahterakan doaku.

Salam Aidiladha...


Yes, with no reason I had back pain. I did not lift any heavy things or do any heavy work activities melainkan masa pindah hari tu itupun upah orang buat. Went for a visit to my family doctor just now and he said the pain was nothing to do with lifting any heavy things. It most probably due to muscle cramp and he gave me a muscle relaxant pills and medical leave adoiiiii tak ada angin ribut tetiba je, cobaaaaaan!!!

Oh Phew!!

Happy weekend peeps. Sorry for the no updates since moving in to my new home sweet home. Too busy to make the house look good and off course dealing with all things inside the box not that easy hahaha... This week I am at my hometown, making the preparation for the wedding. The picture explain where am I today hehe, at this shop hantar barang-barang hantaran to be decorated. Oh tak jadi buat sendiri, my mom has been so busy lately so to be safe hehe baik hantar kedai... Besides the cost is about the same if you do it yourself *haha alasan takut kena tolong kalau buat sendiri*!!

Settle all things, we had nasi beriyani ayam tandoori then straight away to Tutti Fruity Medan Gopeng which the owner is my cousin that follow us today. Perut tak tahu kenyang ke apa kan hahaha... Tiring day but have too laa, tak berapa lama je lagi sampai mak cakap 'ni siapa yang nak kawin ni?' cause she said she's the one yang jadi busy lepas tu aku buat dunno je hahaha...

Yes it's tomorrow

Hello peeps...

Happy weekend again. Must be a lot of things to do for this two days off from work yeaa? Yesss extra lot of things for me also as I am going to move out tomorrow. Guess what, still on my bed haha pengsan semalam balik lambat uruskan rumah kat sana. 

Yesterday was used to settle the furniture for the house. We had completed some of things last weekend, so left was the bedroom and sofa set. Did the survey during my lunch hour yesterday and luckily I am so much interested with the bedroom set and agreed to buy it haha don't have so much time to think over and over again. Waiting for the set to be sent to my new house, malam baru sampai sebab hujan tersangatlah lebat petang tu. Alhamdulilah, I would say almost everything had complete. Yang lain tu sikit-sikitlah laa nanti.

Something funny to tell you. How I chase the dog yang masuk dalam gate. Luckily I close the door grill. Shoooh shooh dia lagi datang dekat, saya baling kertas dia tak layan and last thing adalah menjerit dengan suara sopan 'haaaaaa keluarlaaaaaaaaa' okay dia keluar hahaha gulp...

Okay, had to do the packing before my mom sampai hehehe.

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Makan makan makan...

Hehehe tak tau la kenapa kerja aku sekarang asik makan aje. Plan nak diet jer, mesti ada aktiviti makan yang tak dapat nak elakkan hahaha alasan... Ok no commentlah, susah hati aku ni harap-harap lepas ni takde selera nak makan hikhikhik...

Get well soon

Tadaaaa ini baru ubat demam. Today I'm on medical leave, panas badan panas mata panas hidung. Oh really hope to get well very soon, I have to pack things up. Going to move out next weekend oh sempatlah kemas. Really happy to move out but not so happy to see the house like kapal pecah dilanggar garuda haha.

Good night, have to sleep early orang sakit ubat pun mabuk hehe happy weekend peeps!

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Please let me be strong

I'm down with fever again. Rasanya last two weeks pun demam jugak hmmm kerap pulak demam. Is it because of stress sangat dengan macam-macam benda? Off course, the weather also is one of the reason.

I had received an email from an unknown sender claiming that she knows me and asking for some help. It is actually giving me a big question mark. Gila ke hape?

How I wish October will have more weeks, rasa tak sempat nak buat macam-macam. Suddenly all the weekends is full with lot of things to do. Rasa macam tak sempat nak settle semua in this month pening pening. See, I can't actually having so much pressure tapi orang sekeliling saya jugaklah yang bagi tekanan tak kesian ke?

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Senyum dalam sabar

Okay I am enough of marah-marah dan maki this person yang perangai macam bangang langgar lepas tu tak tahu nak responsible. I just pray that you will get something bad in return.

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Oh Tak Sabar!!

It has been quite a long time that I have neglecting my blog. Menulis tak sekerap macam dulu entahlah tiba-tiba macam no idea or dalam kepala banyak sangat fikir eh? Nothing much this week other than the same routine. 

Oh by the way, I'm going to move out from this current house to our new place. Getting ready for the day and off course getting ready by choosing the right place for the future family. Environment yang tidak sihat seperti jiran yang extremely suka jaga tepi kain tepi gate rumah orang haruslah dielakkan. I wish a privacy area plus that having a neighbourhood that can communicate in a professional way and will not talk at the back of others. Hopefully dengan izin Allah this new place will be the place...

Tomorrow going to clean up the house. Eh not me, but the home cleaning services. Had called them this morning and fix the time. I wish to do the cleaning process by my own but macam biasa encik fiance will not allow me to do that. He said don't act like saya kuat sangat nak buat sorang hahaha ingat kita tak larat ke. He also said no when i wish to paint some part of the house by myself hahaha okayyyy....

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The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Keep thinking of this one thing, and it makes me wondering why on earth should this happened to me... Why this kind of thing? Why it is not something different that the mind and heart can accept it. It leaves a big scar in my heart, and I don't think many of us can accept the truth after what I've been through. You know, something not in my mind to happen and yet out of my control I 'got the big present', the most painful in my entire life. Is that something that I should get for being kind, for being what I am? I did nothing wrong to accept this kind of thing, and to be truthful I learn a lesson about trust.

Yes, until today I still can't forget. I can accept what had happened, but I'm sorry for myself that I can't accept the reason why it happened in the beginning. Why after so many good things that I did, or try to be good for all the way. It can be stop or it could not happened at all just if you stop yourself of doing so... You may keep it as a secret from me forever, but you can't imagine how it hurts me so damn hard when I knew it by myself. Feeling down and traumatized by what you have did behind me and it's so unfair of being me in many ways.

I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, I will not forgive. Forgiveness ought to be like a cancelled note - torn in two, and burned up, so that it never can be shown against one.

Bila Nak Diet Ni???

Restoran Ikan Bakar Bubu, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam. Hahaha if you really follow the blog, confirm tahu the name bubu tu refer to whom hehe... So at first ternampak restoran ni macam eh kedai bubu la hehehe camtu la lebih kurang. Tadi lunch try gi makan sini for the first time. I would say okay la. Nak makan buffet nasi dan lauk pun ada, nak makan ikan or ayam bakar pun boleh.

I'm having Ayam Bakar Bubu. Sedap, dan yang penting sambal dia tu sedap jugak! Barulah terangkat kan hehehe. I called him and he said ada ke pegi kedai ikan bakar, tapi makan ayam bakar hehehe apa salahnya bang? Next time kita pergi cuba ikan bakar dia pulak yer.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book

Morning peeps.

Finally it's Friday, can't wait for the weekend wanna have some rest. This week sangat serabut kot rasanya, biasalah student dah masuk ni. Let's don't talk about the office about the work, this week rasa sangat lemau dan tak sihat. No one knows because I would prefer not to tell anyone but what I know is that bila balik kerja jer akan tersungkur dan terbaring la kelesuan. Normally penat tu memang penat tapi tak sepenat macam this week. Just wonder tidur dah awal rasanya, bangun pagi still rasa sangat letih. Dugaan betullah.

I have to pack up my things actually before the next weekend but guess what, satu benda pun tak start lagi. Other than confused where to start the process, dah tergolek tidur so bila masa nak kemas?? Hahaha maybe I should pay someone to do the things for me. My mom dah siap bagi pesanan penaja dah, kemas baju-baju tu dulu. baju kamu dah la banyak bla bla bla hahaha.. Hehe tapi aku rasa end up aku akan lempar je baju or barang lain takde kemas-kemas punya mana nak sempat kan...

Eh hari tu bising-bising PC kat office sangat slow. Haaaa diorang dah kasi format dah pun, siap dapat Windows 7 lagi hahaha tapi banyak bendalah yang takde lagi, aku nak dengar lagu pun tak boleh ni kenapa???? Hahaha is that what you have to pay for something new hehe.

Okay Ke??

Pic was taken on first day of hari raya.

Latest, with my new lens. Soalan aku cuma, nampak tua kah berkaca mata?? Hahaha sanggup tu buang spec kalau tak cantik dipakai hikhik... But, he would always say no when I say about contact lens....

Haiii cik kak!!

Hello cik kak from...............

Datang balik eh? Aku ingat dah berubah hari tu, masih tak puas hati dengan life aku rupanya. Actually kenapa kau nak kacau lagi hidup orang sedangkan kau dah ada life sendiri. Jangan sampai aku confront dengan kau yer dan biar semua orang keliling kau tahu nanti.

Allah tu Maha Kaya, tunggu aje la. Dekat dunia kau boleh buat apa aje, cara baik or cara jahat tapi kat sana nanti jawablah. But just wait and see, you go a little bit more further, and I will make sure everyone will know who you are. Shoooh shooooh, one more time I see you here jawablah kau eh cik kiah opssss puan kan?

Hatimu Untuk Siapa?

Kita memerlukan hati yang satu, sama ada telah kita berikan kepada seseorang atau masih kita simpan sendiri.

Biar kepada sesiapa hati itu telah diberikan, pasti pemberian itu ikhlas sebab pulangannya serupa. Jika kita memberikan hati separuh-separuh, kita akan mendapat separuh, jika kita memberikan kesemuanya, kita akan mendapat kesemuanya semula.

Cinta yang tulus memang memerlukan pengorbanan. Salah satu pengorbanan yang perlu dilakukan ialah memberikan hati. Berikanlah keseluruhan hati terhadap orang yang dicintai. Jangan reserve untuk orang lain, nanti kita juga mendapat sebahagian hatinya saja.

Jujur, balasannya nikmat. Sebaliknya curang balasannya derita. Sifir hidup ini mudah. Baik balasannya baik manakala buruk dibalas buruk. Jika kita bermain-main dengan hati, kita juga akan dipermainkan oleh hati. Jujurlah dengan hati sebab kebahagiaan kita letaknya di situ. Hati yang tidak tenang bermula daripada hati yang dicebis-cebiskan untuk diberikan kepada ramai orang, yang sebenarnya tidak berhak terhadapnya.

Hati seorang isteri seharusnya berada seratus peratus di dalam diri suaminya. Manakala hati seorang suami seharusnya berada sepenuhnya dalam diri isteri. Masing-masing tidak boleh reserve walau secebis untuk orang lain. Berbuat begitu bererti sengaja mencari bahagia. Teori bahagia ialah memiliki sepenuh hati atau memberikannya sepenuh hati. Berada di tengah-tengah bererti sengaja menyusahkan diri dengan rasa-rasa tidak selesa.

Hatimu untuk siapa? Sebenarnya satu pertanyaan yang perlu ditanyakan oleh setiap orang terhadap dirinya sendiri. Benarkah hatinya telah diberikan sepenuhnya untuk orang yang berhak, atau terbahagi dan kini berada di dalam diri ramai orang yang tidak sepatutnya menerima?

Setiap kita memerlukan jawapan jujur sebab kedudukan hati kita hanya kita yang tahu keadaannya. Jujurlah dalam memberikan jawapan. Kejujuran memang bermula daripada hati yang betul. Jika kita telah mencemamaikan hati dan selalu tidak berlaku jujur terhadapnya, kita sukar memberikan jawapan setulusnya.

Jadilah seperti srikandi tatkala membulat hati untuk berjuang. Tiada apa-apa lagi buat dirinya kecuali keseluruhan hatinya telah diberikan untuk matlamat perjuangan. Jika telah bergelar isteri, saatnya untuk memberikan sepenuh hati pada si suami, biarpun dia seorang penagih, tidak bertanggungjawab, malahan curang. Sebab setelah anda merelakan diri untuk menerima seseorang keseluruhan diri anda adalah miliknya.

Kita tidak sedikit pun akan dipertanggunjawabkan terhadap semua kekalutannya, tapi kita akan bertanggungjawab terhadap hati yang sewajibnya diberikan seratus peratus pada dia.

Hatimu milik siapa? Fikir dan renungkanlah....


Hehe welcome to our new Robovsky hamster, named Tom and Po. They are still a baby, so small but very active hehe lari sana sini. But they don't know how to eat by themselves lagi kot or they are just afraid when having a new big home... Heeeeee cutenya!!

Huuuh Weekend Fever!

What a long weekend I had this week. Being at home, you will never feel bored or starving hehehe... It is just that I am down with on and off fever due to my toothache. Actually gigi yang sakit that day tapi end up dengan gusi yang bengkak maybe because of infection. So the dentist had gave me a painkiller and also antibiotic to reduce the swelling of the gum. So selagi tak surut bengkak tu, demam on and off la alahaiii laa...

Yesterday, sempena dengan hari Malaysia we celebrated mom's birthday. Hehehe what a nice date, dah la cuti kan. Had bought her a present and a nice sweet cake. Happy birthday mommy, we love you so much.

On the other note, I had also spent my time playing play station with the little boy. Oh dia dah merdeka, baru abis UPSR kemain lagi dia memerdekan diri menghadap game 24/7. Saya tumpang sekaki la bila rasa badan segar sikit hehe. Lepas tu dok layan hamster gila yang kuat makan tu, hehe new menu for them this week - orange cake hehe... Looking at the picture above, you can see how he enjoyed the cake haha!

Sakit gigi lagi!!

Again down with toothache. This time I'm so sure mesti kena cabut punya. Dengan gusi yang dah bengkak, malam tadi sampai terdemam-demam. Wake up this morning notice that pipi dah bengkak sebelah. Memang cubaan betul laa. Plus that I am so afraid of dentist haha. This afternoon nak menyerah diri but surely the dentist will give medicine first nak surutkan bengkak hahaha.
This week I would say minggu lemau saya. Satu benda pun takde mood nak buat, kerja banyak but tried to finish it with minimum speed hehe. Minggu student dah masuk ni kerja terbaru adalah menenyeh sign je dari pagi sampai petang. Main sign je kadang tak tengok pun dokumen apa yang disahkan tu hahaha nasiblah.
Today I'm on leave. Got an appointment this afternoon. Allah tu Maha Kaya, hari ni kalau pergi kerja pun tak larat so got some free time this morning untuk rest. Oh sakitnya pipi eh gigi... Eh cik kak yang selalu melawat page aku ni mana eh? Hahaha aku dah tau dah siapa dan apa dia nak siaplah kau kalau teruskan lagi...
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Our dinner yesterday. First time pegi sini, the food was okay i would say. Chicken beriyani for me and for him Nasi Arab with daging kambing embeekkk embeekkk hehe...
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Start working today!! Macam gile malas wooooww weeeee, tapi gagahkan diri jugak drive balik subuh tadi or else aku ingat nak amik cuti lagi sehari je. Kalau tak kenangkan aku nak pakai cuti yang banyak, dah lama aku berjemaah dengan colleague yang lain untuk bergolek-golek di rumah.


Woow up to my surprise someone really keen to read my blog sampaikan type in kat google nama aku... Heyyy nak tahu apa sebenarnya ni?? I'm really particular of who is viewing my blog haha walaupun tak glamour mana pun but aware that this is personal blog so people might use my info or wanted to know my story inside here. 

Hehe reading it without any purpose it's going to be my pleasure but reading it for something just beware because I'm IT savvy people so I just can find out who you are okay?? Haha tak payah susah-susah la nak korek cerita aku kat sini, or else.... But anyway nice try yaaa.. 

Enjoy your reading and tour peeps!!

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Testing testing.... Welcoming android earlier than expected... Hehehe best!

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Thank You

Love it so much... Going to make this for my jubah...

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Eheeem Abis Pikir?

Eheem eheem are we ready?? Eh am I ready??? Hehehehe just wait and see...

Salam Aidilfitri

I think it's not too early to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan maaf zahir batin sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Mana tahu saya tak dipanjangkan umur sehingga hari raya untuk wish semua happy raya. Semoga Syawal tahun ni membawa seribu satu makna buat semua, pray for the best of your life because life is full of uncertainties... Make your Ramadhan this year full of ibadah as we will never know if this is our last Ramadhan.

Nothing special to be prepared for Aidilfitri this year, in fact tak shopping for raya lagipun. InsyaAllah will make that next week, nothing extravaganza in mind to do this and that enough to celebrate it as simple as I can. Some of the kuih dah tempah sebelum puasa lagi, only a few types saya plan nak buat sendiri macam tart nenas, semperit and a few others sebab kalau buat sendiri sedap di makan hehe.

I'm going back next week on Saturday, but this time macam nak buat something different. Normally I would drive early in the morning to avoid traffic jam, but this time plan to drive back at 1 am, amacam feeling tak nak balik kampung yang tak jauh mana tu? Hehe teringin pulak nak drive pagi buta camtu eceeeh sampai terus sahur. Cuti tak lama sangat this year, besides saya guna cuti gantian for this hari raya.

Hehe my birthday is coming up next week, on 26th Friday tau. Happy? Not at all. If everyone is happy for their coming birthday, for myself I had no feeling kot. It's like any other normal day, the different is only that your age will be one year older, jika diizinkan Allah...

So peeps, happy raya ye.

Tahajjud Cinta

Kau datang ketika duka
dan bintang bercahya
tunjukku ke jalan syurga

Ku haus di tengah laut
lemas mencari tempat berpaut
kirimkan aku kekuatan
serta pedoman di kesesatan

Ku sunyi dalam gembira
perih pedih tanggung derita
sungguh aku bukan wali
yang suci dari hina dan benci

Terlalu lama aku mencuba
terlalu banyak
cinta yang ku damba
tiada yang sempurna
hanyalah fana
Tuhan, ampuni hamba-Mu

Kau datang ketika duka
dan bintang bercahya
tunjukku ke jalan syurga

Ku rebah di dada malam
memecah dendam yang lama diam
ku tanggalkan baju dunia
dakapku dengan selimut syurga
YaTuhanku hanya padamu
tempat mengadu segala rindu
limpahi ku rahmat kasihMu
dalam tahajjud cinta bersujud...

Once Upon A Time

Hahaha ini kes belek album gambar lama... Excited pulak tengok diri sendiri masa kecik! I'm so happy as I am, masa kecik tak payah pikir banyak sangat kan. How I wish I could bring the time to the past...

Haha notice gigi terabur!

Posing sila serahkan kepada saya haha...

Mak cakap, 'waaaah bambamnye dia masa ni'... And I answered 'nape bagi orang minum susu makan banyak-banyak??' hahahaha.


"Perempuan ini, sebenarnya tidak perlu banyak untuk dirinya.Tetapi pada saat kamu berasa dia meminta terlalu banyak, ketahuilah, dia bukan meminta untuk dirinya sendiri, tetapi sebenarnya apa yang dimintanya itu adalah untuk kamu, agar kamu menjadi lelaki sempurna, lelaki melengkapi kekurangannya."

Petikan seorang rakan penulis

Wo ai ni

Had just call my mom to inform her that I am going back tomorrow. Haha the funny part was when the little boy answered the phone dan dan cakap kesian sebab saya berbuka makan maggi.. Eh eh budak ni memandai betul dia, haha apa dia ingat kakak dia ni layak makan maggi aje ke? Akak makan nasi ayam percik tau dik hari ni...

Actually the reason call mak tadi, nak request buat kuih 'badak berendam' esok. Haaa korang tau ke kuih apa? Ala-ala buah melaka but covered with santan. Haaaaa dan dan jugak dia cakap tunggu saya balik boleh tolong dia buat kuih tu!! Musnah harapan nak makan esok tanpa kena tolong gentel tepung huwaaaaa!! Nampak sangat idea saya dalam poket mak aje huuuuh..

Tonight I had successfully completed Hotel Dash 2. Selamba je finished that game in few days, harap-harap encik fiance saya rajin nak tolong downloadkan game baru yang lain hehehe...


Sedapkan??? Dapat kuah kacang yang kowww punya lagi best hehe!

Oh Perut Dah Tua?

Menu berbuka for day 3 was nasi kukus ayam rempah dan cempedak goreng buat syarat ada kuih. Finished the main dish had already made me full haha so where to put the cempedak dalam perut??

Tadi memang dah aim nak carik nasi kukus, sampai pasar ramadhan nampak terus macam nak terkam haha punya la teringin sangat nak makan macam tu la siannyeee. Ayam rempah tu siap pilih yang paling besar sekali cakap ngan budak tu dik pilih yang paling besar dik *sambil telan liur*, haha in the end only half je saya mampu abiskan isshh.. One thing to be noticed this fasting month, selera nak makan banyak tu dah takde. Sahur boleh minum dan makan roti paling berat pun. Berbuka enough with only one main dish, kuih takde pun takpe hihi. The feeling of eating alone only me can imagine, how sad...

So how's yours? Hehe sila jangan tamak bila beli juadah berbuka yer, tak baik membazir...

Happy Ramadhan

Currently reading this book. Bought it last Sunday, at glance reading the content rasa macam nak tahu lagi dan lagi dan lagi hehe.

Wanna wish all of you selamat berpuasa. Semoga Ramadhan kali ini membawa makna yang lebih baik dan moga amalan kita diterima olehNya. Like many other years before, berbuka dan bersahurlah saya sensorang tapi nak buat macam mana kan nama lagi hidup merantau echewaah. This weekend i'm going back home, dapatlah berbuka dan sahur di rumah dengan juadah yang banyaaakkkk hihi dan yang penting with the family...

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My last time having this nasi kukus ayam berempah was when i still working in Terengganu. The taste was superb i tell you, the most important will be the sambal huiissssh pedas tu yang power... There was one time during fasting month almost everyday saya berbuka nasi kukus ni serious okay!! Eh rindu betul...

Today we're having a good lunch together, konon macam nak celebrate perut sebelum start berpuasa hehe boleh? Oh sedihnya bila ingat bulan puasa sahur dan berbuka sorang..

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Geuriweo geuriweoseo

Hello peeps, how are you doing? Sorry for the no updates for quite sometimes. Don't really have the mood to write anything here, but i miss my blog so much..

Work just doing fine with me. Cuma ada busy sikit, alhamdulillah the litle big project had successfully finished before the dateline hnsss kembang hidung jap bleh?? Oh tak payah sakit kepala dah pikir yesss yess yess! Seems that nowadays i can't accept too much pressure, or else the result i'm down with big headache.. Atok panadol pun tak jalan dah...

Oh by the way, saya dah tengok Harry Potter with my little boy. How excited when i bring him to watch it 3D. I think that was his first time watching movie in 3D cause as far as i concern that was also the first time ada tiket 3D kat Ipoh. Four star for Harry Potter!

Hmmm life always have the up and down sometimes, so i really hope everything's gonna be just fine and blessed by Him.. InsyaAllah.

Why does it always rain the hardest on the ones who deserve the sun?

Biar setinggi mana ombak DUGAAN melanda, biar seganas mana badai MASALAH menghempas, tanamkanlah sauh KETETAPAN HATI agar kapal tak berganjak haluan...

Biarlah badai dan ombak itu pergi begitu sahaja tanpa mencalarkan walau sedikit pun badan si kapal yang telah tetap haluannya...

Please Be Strong

Dugaan itu datang dalam pelbagai bentuk... Walau berat, semoga ia mampu ditanggung hati.

Semoga aku kuat menghadapi sebarang dugaan yang datang Ya Allah, amin...


Really had a good rest during my weekend.. Dapat pulak ubat batuk yang memang superb mengantuk so what else should i do eh? So, saya sudah hampir pulih sepenuhnya dari batuk yang menyeksakan. Thank you doc untuk 3 papan antibiotik hahaha.. Akibat tidur banyak sangat, leher pun terkehel dah ni ahaaaks!

Minggu ni minggu kurang dapat kasih sayang, encey fiance tak jadik turun KL sebab event ofis dan jugak sebab orang-orang yang sebok nak buat kerja bodoh! Eh tau tak sangap gila aku kena dok rumah tak sampai hati pulak nak suruh dia turun jugak dengan jalan jammed demmm!

Batuk oh batuk!

Currently hooked to this song. What a nice voice the three of them. This week really had no mood to write to this blog, down with fever, cough and flu. But the cough are getting worst I would say, malam saya susah sangat nak tidur sebab batuk kung kang kung kung tanpa henti! Macam nak pecah dada, ubat batuk tu dah la mengantuk rasa nak telan satu botol pun ada. Nak cakap pun susah, kejap-kejap batuk macam orang tua haiissh!!

What's for weekend? Hahaha nothing this week, in fact I had already had a full stock of food okay kononnya esok eheeem taknak keluar rumah. Takpe la better to be safe kan, but part yang saya frust this week la pulak ada pameran pengantin kat putrajaya so tak dapat pegi lagi. Next week i'm going back home yahooooo!!

A Journey To Remember

Presenting the most excellent student for the course hahahahaha penipu! Ini adalah student yang huhahuha menguap kecuali kalau ustaz itu berjaya buat saya gelak guling-guling hahaha. Sempat jugak dok intai budak tu, mata sepet dia aku tengok dah makin kecik tunggu sikit je lagi nak tido!! Tapi bila balik nak tengok Transformers waaah kemain energetic lagi dia hahahaha!

Yessss berjaya!! Hahaha ingat senang ke nak attend kursus dua hari ni tanpa banyak bunyik! Tapi nak kawin punya pasal bak kata ustaz tuu hahaha cam tau aje... Abis kursus je den jatuh sakit hahaha macam biasalah sekarang ni aku kurang boleh menerima tekanan dan kepenatan. Sijil ni semua in jawi kecuali nama aku, fuhhh nasib hahaha...

Aloooloo shiannnn... Memang kami lapar masa ni, tak senang duduk dah masa nak abis kursus tu. Hehehe special dinner sempena anniversary kami dan hadiah istimewa yang dijanjikan untuk saya adalah.......................

Cumilll tak?? Kawan tidur baru saya.... Kita kena beli semua geng angry bird ni bang baru complete hehehe... Thank you laling, you always know what i want hehe.

Lost My Little Dear

Currently at MAIS hahaha for the wedding course.. Tetap mengantuk walaupun ustaz dia kelakar nak mam hahaha.

Saya masih dalam keadaan berduka dengan kematian muntat saya. Hamster gummuk kesayangan mati semalam pagi. Oh berair mata jugaklah rasa macam belum puas saya jaga dan tengok perangai dia. Down with fever last night huuuh really really miss him.. Later I will write about it.

Ok sambung balik slot kedua. Selamat mengantuk to me and happy weekend to all of you peeps.

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Happy Anniversary My Dear

Yes today marked as our 5th year anniversary.

Not many reach this day. But ours here to stay. I am so thankful to Allah that He allowed us to go this far, to be together against all the good and sad days. We're not being near to each other in the first year of being together but yet after so much we had gone through yes we manage to still being together until today. Yet we're so thankful that we're now counting the days to be together in the marriage world, my dreams at first being with him.

All those years ago my dear, you made my world complete. You became my perfect partner in life, and you've been a world-class treat! Thank you my treasured and cherished love, you've made my dreams come true. Your loving and caring have made our years a blissful adventure for two... I love our anniversary now, happier every year... I just wish there would be more time for me to love you, dear...
Love you.


Down with fever and sore throat! Hopefully will get better without having to go to the clinic ooo yeaaa saya sangat penakut walau cuma nak amik ubat.

Tidurlah Duhai Mata

Hi peeps! How's your weekend? Mine was just fine. Today is only day for resting at home, but supposed should follow mr fiance to his friend's wedding. End up he decide not to bring me along because he's the best man for the day, so bringing me will only make him worried that I have to be alone. Hehe so finally today use for sleeping and clean up the house.

Yesterday was greatly spend with him. We had first went for doing the survey but sadly it was too far and we have to decide not to choose the place hmmm. Went for some shopping at Sunway Pyramid, but have to rush back saya kena bersiap that night we had to attend majlis berinai kawan dia yang buat resepsi hari ni.. Hehe semalam pun dia jadi best man, but luckily saya tak boring pun tunggu dapat buat sorang pakcik ni jadi kawan sembang... Oh kami adalah pasangan sedondon semalam kalah pengantin pulak siap ada yang suruh saya jadi pengapit eh takmo lah hehe.

Finished the weekend, next week tak boleh jalan-jalan. We both have to attend kursus kahwin oh no malas gila confirm mengantuk... Kawin nak kursus taknak, boleh?

Okay good night..

BB Day Out

BlackBerry juga harus di service seperti kereta. Hehe the tokey is very friendly and finally encik fiance had turn to be so excited nak tukar macam-macam sponsor saya sekali. Oh I like with the new privacy screen protector...

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