Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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Down with fever and sore throat! Hopefully will get better without having to go to the clinic ooo yeaaa saya sangat penakut walau cuma nak amik ubat.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tidurlah Duhai Mata

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Hi peeps! How's your weekend? Mine was just fine. Today is only day for resting at home, but supposed should follow mr fiance to his friend's wedding. End up he decide not to bring me along because he's the best man for the day, so bringing me will only make him worried that I have to be alone. Hehe so finally today use for sleeping and clean up the house.

Yesterday was greatly spend with him. We had first went for doing the survey but sadly it was too far and we have to decide not to choose the place hmmm. Went for some shopping at Sunway Pyramid, but have to rush back saya kena bersiap that night we had to attend majlis berinai kawan dia yang buat resepsi hari ni.. Hehe semalam pun dia jadi best man, but luckily saya tak boring pun tunggu dapat buat sorang pakcik ni jadi kawan sembang... Oh kami adalah pasangan sedondon semalam kalah pengantin pulak siap ada yang suruh saya jadi pengapit eh takmo lah hehe.

Finished the weekend, next week tak boleh jalan-jalan. We both have to attend kursus kahwin oh no malas gila confirm mengantuk... Kawin nak kursus taknak, boleh?

Okay good night..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

BB Day Out

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BlackBerry juga harus di service seperti kereta. Hehe the tokey is very friendly and finally encik fiance had turn to be so excited nak tukar macam-macam sponsor saya sekali. Oh I like with the new privacy screen protector...

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eheem Cantik?

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Yesss! I love this simple fashion and design untuk baju nikah, and actually falling in love with the kain that are full with sparkling beads hehehe blink blink...

Monday, June 20, 2011


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It's a big headache! The weather is so so so hot here... Almost everyday I have to take a painkiller for this unbearable headache.

Ini panas sampai aku sendiri tak boleh tahan, end up nak angkat kepala pun tak larat. Seriously panas betul hari sekarang believe me aircond dua ketul kat living hall ni sikit tak hilangkan rasa panas... Duduk dalam peti ais baru boleh sejuk kot!

Oh malasnya nak balik shah alam esok! Malas malas malas!! Will be back to the office on Wednesday, 3 hari kerja then weekend tak boleh rehat jugak ada kerja penting nak buat on Sunday.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Sunday

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Hi peeps! What's your weekend activity? Hehe kalau saya tak balik rumah, normally my Sunday will be my sleepy day hahaha tidur je keje pemalas betul. Today we had our lunch at Gulam Rasul, yang sebok nak makan kat sini adalah hero kecik tu. Tekak macam orang tua hahaha nak makan nasi beriani la, all his favourite menu I would say bukan selera bebudak macam aku dulu la haha.

Nice la the food here. I had half of the nasi beriani, plus with ayam goreng, daging masak rendang, kari and begedil (eh tetiba masuk begedil eheem nak masuk geng orang sana dah ni) hehe. Believe me that this boy had a full portion of the nasi beriani, aku ingat dia tak larat nak habiskan tapi....... perut dia lagi besar dari aku hahaha ada anak jin dok dalam tu. But yet budak ni kurus walaupun makan banyak oh jealous!

Nothing much we did today. Balik rumah buat aktiviti bergolek sampailah tertido. Hehe sometimes I would much prefer to stay at home and just sleep especially time panas macam ni pening kepala kalau dok kat luar... Still in Perak, outstation for tomorrow and Tuesday gonna take one day leave.

You're someone to look up no matter how tall I've grown

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Happy Father's Day abah. Thank you for being a wonderful and strong father to a special daughter like me.

Thank you for being there for me, for showing me the way. For being patient with me even when I made it difficult for you. For believing in me, and encouraging me to dream.... and being such an inspiring presence in my life.

For all the difficulty of bringing me up to this life, thank you. Sorry for being a special daughter to you in many ways. I will always pray for your good health and may Allah bless you. Thank you abah...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Finally They Lived Happily Ever After

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Finally Seth Tan and Nora Elena - lived happily ever after! Love the ending very very much... Scene that I like the most for the final episode was the one when Seth rushed himself to the hospital when Nora was admitted macam waaaa how sweet. Hehe also the part when Seth sujud when he knows that his baby was safe fuuuhhh suke suke suke! End up Nora had forgive Seth, as my blog title everyone deserves a second chance and he had his second chance... Beautiful story I would say ehemmm..

Today I'm going back to Kampar. Huuuh waiting for it since last week, just can release the stress here when I got back! Don't forget the father's day okay this Sunday!!

Happy weekend peeps..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Give Me Something Interesting To Play, and I'm Happy

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It's already 1 in the morning and tadaaaa I am awake at this time. Yess off course I do cause having a long nap hahaha should it be considered as a nap? First time ever yesterday morning I woke up late, think that I had stop my alarm clock oh mengigau ke apa!! Oh he offered to buy me an alarm clock, hahaha untuk tak terlewat kejut dia sekali sebenarnya hahahaha!

Had finished my HotelDash 1 hehe now waiting for the number 2 to be downloaded. When browsing for it just now, got to know that there's another type of game called Cooking Dash hahaha how happy i am macam budak kecik!! I think you should try to play this addictive game before giving me the strange look okayy haha.

Oh it's now the second week of June. The fasting month is coming so soon dan saya masih dalam usaha untuk habiskan ganti puasa. How about you?

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Good For You, Good For Me

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The picture was taken on Saturday while they were visiting the wedding boutique and send to me. The tailor did help them to choose the color and material too. I did not much get the picture of how the room will looks like when my mom explaining it to me hahaha macam biasa saya tetap blurr. Finally she had surrendered and said 'isssh budak ni semua tak tahu' hahaha..

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wooo It's Coming

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Hehe just noticed my wedding ticker just now! Oh, hatiku berdebar-debar hahaha! Please not to say about the preparation that surely will give me a big headache!! Whatever it is, I hope everything's gonna be fine dan dipermudahkan olehNya InsyaAllah....

Pray for my success also yaaa to get back into shape hahaha not too kurus macam dulu laa, so that I can be pengantin vogue gituuu lalalala. Eh nampak cam excited pulak eh, no actually but since yesterday my mom keep on asking me to help her choosing the color for the room which I did not much interested hahaha sebenornya saya langsung takde idea plus not creative at all la mommy. You choose for me eh? Hahaha tension dia tadi, but seriously I'm not into that kind yang pandai matching color dengan baju or whatsover. Okay next week anakanda balik kita buat apa yang patut eh hehehe.

Yesss Welcome Friday

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Ahaaa congratulating myself for not missing a single day this week to have 20 minutes on the treadmill. Yesss it's tiring when you have to do that after work. Hehe but it's all about strong will. Luckily i have the equipment at home so don't have to go to the gym which saya sangat malassss. So still taking my meal, just a major cutdown of the normal portion hehe hopefully dapat balik figure lama hahaha.

Today gonna be last day for school holiday which means next week traffic will be congested again and it's really a headache for me. Oh for sure kena keluar awal macam selalu oh benci benci benci.

Next Sunday is father's day. Hehe I have bought a present for abah. By chance i'm going back home that week. Besides it's a long weekend as i have work on Monday in Perak luckily the place just very near from the house. Tuesday gonna be another visit to see my orthopaedic. Phewww bila nak habis?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Lying is done with words and also with silence!

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Malas nak comment banyak! It's just that not all people are stupid to believe whatever you have said. A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


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Start back my treadmill mission yesterday. Had completely stop almost two months due to injured leg and the treatment I had to go through. Since no positive respond baik saya mula balik mission menghalau lemak hahaa!

Noticed that my body feel so weak nowadays! Fall asleep before 9... Almost every night tertidur kat sofa aje. I will only wake up when he called me up fuhhh seems that have to find a good supplement for energy, at least will make me more energetic for the day.. Lemau tau macam ni, kalau badan boleh hantar service dah lama aku buat major service plus overhaul hahaha!

Mana laa badan tak penat, hati pun susah jugak. Macam-macam dalam kepala ni, oh i really hope everything gonna be just fine!

Sunday, June 05, 2011


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Huiiisssh sangat panaslah sekarang.. Seems that i eat less, and drink a lot of plain water... Oh our 'important mission' yesterday seems not really a success. Yelah, we only had half day itupun until 3 pm dah surrender dengan cuaca panas terik plus had other plan to do. Decided to continue as soon as possible and at the same time had to search it online as well..

We had a shopping, again for the hantaran. Hahaha plan dulu beli sebulan satu barang but seems we almost managed to settle it very fast. Oppss sorry, no picture of it to be displayed kang ada propaganda free *gelak guling* hahahaa! Hopefully can focused on another items after completed buying all things just he seems can't decide for the gadget yet oh jangan bankruptkan saya ye bang hahaha walaupun saya telah membankruptkan dia agak kejam semalam sorryyyy..

Had time to catch a movie at night. Watched Karak and have to forget another 2 movies yang tak sempat nak tengok. Hmmm would give 3 and a half stars.. For all the horror movies that I had watched before sambil tutup mata, this is my first time siap tutup telinga oh the sounds are really really serammm giler you. Macam biasa tengok dengan orang tak ada perasaan ni aku jerit dia boleh bantai gelak-gelak tah tang mana hantu tu boleh jadi kelakar kat mata dia haaaissshhh laaa.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Tak Sengaja Eh?

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Shopping without planning! Hehe I thought of having a window shopping during the lunch time to Ariani. Yes, I did the window shopping as well as going inside the window ahaaaksss!

Bought four scarf instead of zero intention! Very nice colour and the material off course. You can just feel the different wearing the cheap one and the quality you got from Ariani. Mula-mula masuk tadi memang buat muka tak ada nafsu nak beli, tapi bila dah pegang nak beli sehelai proses memilih disambung lagi hahaha tak boleh blah muka bertukar jadi raksasa tamak!! In the end, akak sambo ompek helai with a good price I would say. They gonna have sales until next week. So no more shopping for the scarf until next month, eh for this month sudah laa hahahaha...

Oh finally it's Friday bebeh! Hehe so much to catch up tomorrow, hope everything going to be fine for us. Sunday will be my rest day at home, esok sila gunakan masa habis-habisan yeaah! So what's your planning for the weekend? Have fun peeps!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Don't Worry Be Happy

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Oh no, it's already June. Cepat betul eh masa berjalan sekarang, even a day pun aku rasa sangat cepat! Balik keje pengsan tau aje dah esok pagi hahaha.

Selasa baru ni aku puasa. Tapi puasa ganti tu tak menjadi sebenarnya sebab berbuka sebelum waktu sila salahkan kawan-kawan di opis. Diorang kata mana ada orang start puasa hari Selasa dan dan ajak breakfast. Disebabkan hati aku tak berapa nak kental tambah pulak partner yang puasa tu lemah sangat pujuk rayu maka aku pun terikut sekali. Reminder from my mom just now, bila nak ganti puasa dah tak lama nak puasa?! Hahaha minggu depan puasa straight! Sebenarnya program diet tergugat jugak dari last week ni gua rasa nak hangin ni..!!

Waiting for the weekend. Ada kerja penting mesti dibuat segera. Hopefully we manage to have it done before end of this month. Other than that, we've plan to go to the Promosi Kerja Kahwin at Kompleks Kraf KL. Huwaaa sebenarnya penat jugak but it's okay hehehe 'jangan mengomel' is the new tagline.