Yes, with no reason I had back pain. I did not lift any heavy things or do any heavy work activities melainkan masa pindah hari tu itupun upah orang buat. Went for a visit to my family doctor just now and he said the pain was nothing to do with lifting any heavy things. It most probably due to muscle cramp and he gave me a muscle relaxant pills and medical leave adoiiiii tak ada angin ribut tetiba je, cobaaaaaan!!!

Oh Phew!!

Happy weekend peeps. Sorry for the no updates since moving in to my new home sweet home. Too busy to make the house look good and off course dealing with all things inside the box not that easy hahaha... This week I am at my hometown, making the preparation for the wedding. The picture explain where am I today hehe, at this shop hantar barang-barang hantaran to be decorated. Oh tak jadi buat sendiri, my mom has been so busy lately so to be safe hehe baik hantar kedai... Besides the cost is about the same if you do it yourself *haha alasan takut kena tolong kalau buat sendiri*!!

Settle all things, we had nasi beriyani ayam tandoori then straight away to Tutti Fruity Medan Gopeng which the owner is my cousin that follow us today. Perut tak tahu kenyang ke apa kan hahaha... Tiring day but have too laa, tak berapa lama je lagi sampai mak cakap 'ni siapa yang nak kawin ni?' cause she said she's the one yang jadi busy lepas tu aku buat dunno je hahaha...

Yes it's tomorrow

Hello peeps...

Happy weekend again. Must be a lot of things to do for this two days off from work yeaa? Yesss extra lot of things for me also as I am going to move out tomorrow. Guess what, still on my bed haha pengsan semalam balik lambat uruskan rumah kat sana. 

Yesterday was used to settle the furniture for the house. We had completed some of things last weekend, so left was the bedroom and sofa set. Did the survey during my lunch hour yesterday and luckily I am so much interested with the bedroom set and agreed to buy it haha don't have so much time to think over and over again. Waiting for the set to be sent to my new house, malam baru sampai sebab hujan tersangatlah lebat petang tu. Alhamdulilah, I would say almost everything had complete. Yang lain tu sikit-sikitlah laa nanti.

Something funny to tell you. How I chase the dog yang masuk dalam gate. Luckily I close the door grill. Shoooh shooh dia lagi datang dekat, saya baling kertas dia tak layan and last thing adalah menjerit dengan suara sopan 'haaaaaa keluarlaaaaaaaaa' okay dia keluar hahaha gulp...

Okay, had to do the packing before my mom sampai hehehe.

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Makan makan makan...

Hehehe tak tau la kenapa kerja aku sekarang asik makan aje. Plan nak diet jer, mesti ada aktiviti makan yang tak dapat nak elakkan hahaha alasan... Ok no commentlah, susah hati aku ni harap-harap lepas ni takde selera nak makan hikhikhik...

Get well soon

Tadaaaa ini baru ubat demam. Today I'm on medical leave, panas badan panas mata panas hidung. Oh really hope to get well very soon, I have to pack things up. Going to move out next weekend oh sempatlah kemas. Really happy to move out but not so happy to see the house like kapal pecah dilanggar garuda haha.

Good night, have to sleep early orang sakit ubat pun mabuk hehe happy weekend peeps!

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Please let me be strong

I'm down with fever again. Rasanya last two weeks pun demam jugak hmmm kerap pulak demam. Is it because of stress sangat dengan macam-macam benda? Off course, the weather also is one of the reason.

I had received an email from an unknown sender claiming that she knows me and asking for some help. It is actually giving me a big question mark. Gila ke hape?

How I wish October will have more weeks, rasa tak sempat nak buat macam-macam. Suddenly all the weekends is full with lot of things to do. Rasa macam tak sempat nak settle semua in this month pening pening. See, I can't actually having so much pressure tapi orang sekeliling saya jugaklah yang bagi tekanan tak kesian ke?

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Senyum dalam sabar

Okay I am enough of marah-marah dan maki this person yang perangai macam bangang langgar lepas tu tak tahu nak responsible. I just pray that you will get something bad in return.

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Oh Tak Sabar!!

It has been quite a long time that I have neglecting my blog. Menulis tak sekerap macam dulu entahlah tiba-tiba macam no idea or dalam kepala banyak sangat fikir eh? Nothing much this week other than the same routine. 

Oh by the way, I'm going to move out from this current house to our new place. Getting ready for the day and off course getting ready by choosing the right place for the future family. Environment yang tidak sihat seperti jiran yang extremely suka jaga tepi kain tepi gate rumah orang haruslah dielakkan. I wish a privacy area plus that having a neighbourhood that can communicate in a professional way and will not talk at the back of others. Hopefully dengan izin Allah this new place will be the place...

Tomorrow going to clean up the house. Eh not me, but the home cleaning services. Had called them this morning and fix the time. I wish to do the cleaning process by my own but macam biasa encik fiance will not allow me to do that. He said don't act like saya kuat sangat nak buat sorang hahaha ingat kita tak larat ke. He also said no when i wish to paint some part of the house by myself hahaha okayyyy....

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The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Keep thinking of this one thing, and it makes me wondering why on earth should this happened to me... Why this kind of thing? Why it is not something different that the mind and heart can accept it. It leaves a big scar in my heart, and I don't think many of us can accept the truth after what I've been through. You know, something not in my mind to happen and yet out of my control I 'got the big present', the most painful in my entire life. Is that something that I should get for being kind, for being what I am? I did nothing wrong to accept this kind of thing, and to be truthful I learn a lesson about trust.

Yes, until today I still can't forget. I can accept what had happened, but I'm sorry for myself that I can't accept the reason why it happened in the beginning. Why after so many good things that I did, or try to be good for all the way. It can be stop or it could not happened at all just if you stop yourself of doing so... You may keep it as a secret from me forever, but you can't imagine how it hurts me so damn hard when I knew it by myself. Feeling down and traumatized by what you have did behind me and it's so unfair of being me in many ways.

I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, I will not forgive. Forgiveness ought to be like a cancelled note - torn in two, and burned up, so that it never can be shown against one.