Oo Geramnya!!

Tomorrow i really have to go to the pet shop! Banyak barang budak hamster ni dah habis, their sand bath, food, vitamin eh lebih pulak dari tuan dia ni... So i choose not to clean up their cage today. Eh tension aku diorang ni makan masuk dalam bekas lepas tu gemuk tak muat habis sepah makanan dalam tu. Korang ingat murah yer makanan korang tu huwaaaaa!!

Tengah pikir the best present for encey fiance since his birthday is just next week. Macam semua yang saya pikir dah pernah bagi dia for his birthday present! I just know what he's crazy about right now cuma buat-buat tak paham hahaaha biasalah dia gila gadget bankrupt karang kalau aku offer...

Esok mesti sesak! Dah la baru gaji, tomorrow is a labour day mesti semua nak keluar bersuka ria. Rasa macam tak cukup sehari esok nih nak shopping dan bergumbira hahaha sambil lupa diri kaki jalan senget..

Oh his parents are going to Japan tonight for their holiday best kan. Pray for their safe journey...

Here Comes The Weekend

Ahaaaa finally it's Friday...

Times fly. This week rasa macam cepat giler masa kan...!! Kalau macam ni sampai Disember ni kan bagus hahaha selagi tak settle sakit kepala saya pikir hihiks.

May is just around the corner, so do another month by month gonna be! Yeaaah so far, i have booked the wedding package include the service from head to toe hahaha!! The best part is that my wedding dress nanti very the exclusive you hikhiks.

Eheeem wanna have some shopping this weekend with prince william encey fiance... Saya mahu buku baru, buku baru!! Rasa nak heret dia pergi book fair but worried dia yang heret saya balik or angkut saya pasal kaki out of service hahahaha!! Heeeyy heeey not funny!

Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2011

Jom serbu ramai-ramai until 1st Mei 2011 aje tau!! Venue is at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). Confirm lupa diri nih.

I Need A Bedtime Story

Yes i am sleepy yet it's so hard to have a good sleep. Kejap-kejap terkejut bangun so the result i will have a tiring day at the office. Rasa nak tidur je atas meja huwaaaa!!

This is my first time bringing back the two new hamsters with me. It's like you can't wait to go back home just to see them. They're playful but yet love to sleep all day tu pasal korang gemuk tau! Sampai kena kejut bangun, boleh?? They just know their name everytime i called them hahaha baru ajar makan biskut tigerrr wakaka.

Eh, i made a new proverb today - buat baik berpada-pada, cari pasal jangan sekali ahaaaaa...

Pay Day!!

Hahaha guys don't be lupa diri okay!! Berjimat cermat amalan mulia wakakaka... Pesanan penaja untuk diri sendiri jugak! Walaupun dalam kepala dah ada macam-macam berangan... Cuma dah dekat big day ni banyak benda kena pejam mata aje, kalau ikut perangai lama saya yang shopping bagai nak gila memang laa parah hahahaha!

Hi I'm Back!

Back after a long medical leave.

Phewww nama je lama, tapi still no positive progress! Argghh lantaklah, just go with the flow boleh?

Definitely sure it's hard for me to sleep tonight, biasalah kalau kat rumah selagi tak kena suruh tidur selagi tu jadi jaga rumah haahaa. So tonight i have to sleep early *gosok mata bagi ngantuk* back to my normal time, esok kena bangun awal.

Arguing with him just now about the preparation. I don't really agree with his idea, so sama la dengan dia. So sudahnya main lawan-lawan cakap!! Hahaha psycho gila confirm la aku kalah mana pernah menang kan abang kan?!! Okay esok kita sambung sesi psycho eh hahaha.

Oh i really hope tomorrow is a bright new day with the best feeling to work hmmm.


Hahaha jangan jealous eh, saya tengok lagi Merong Mahawangsa. But this time, watched it from Astro First. Hehe Merong (Stephen Rahman Hughes) sangat la handsome agree? Tengok la sampai lebam, got 48 hours for the movie ngeh ngeh.

I got slight fever, batuk dan selsema since yesterday. But trying not to pamper myself too much, sometimes it will just go away. So nothing much to do during this weekend since I'm still at my hometown, will just stay at home or maybe plan for a shopping with my mom. Feeling like shopping for new tudung hehe. Going back to KL on Sunday and start working on Monday.

Pray for a full recovery plus the motivation to start working and to be at the office for sure hmmm...

Alahaiii Never Ending Story


Sila telan ubat sampai pengsan! Dan tempek plaster dengan krim doctor bagi tu, try to reduce bengkak again and again tak jugak aku rasa kurangnya. Next two week, another appointment with him. If the swollen ankle does not subside, he will try on another procedure which is injection of the ankle and foot, kalau tak subside jugak haaaa kau baring la dalam operation theatre eh.

Oh the cost for today also boleh buat saya demam. Well nothing is cheap if you really want the best treatment so sila jangan berkira yer!

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I Can Wait Forever Bebeh!

My favourite songs ever... Love all songs by them.

The Result

The image in red circle - extra bones from the right ankle.

Yes, that's the result so far. Result shown that the extra bone are congenital (present at birth) but may also be due to previous trauma. But in my case it could be probably been there - in born. So due to that, second opinion from other orthopedic is needed. It could be painless before but because of the fall I had last year, it cause serious injury and significant discomfort. I've been told that it's either can be treated using non surgical measures or may need to be surgically removed. But the risk is 50-50! Whether the injury can be treated or may not be treated at all. Oh you know the frustation inside when I hear that.

Going back to the Orthopedic this Thursday to know what should be done to the injury and off course the extra bones. I wish I could see him earlier but still have to wait for the date given. Phewww going to be on medical leave for next week! I've decided to try on traditional medicine also, hopefully removing it will not be the only solution.

Eh aku dah penat tau???

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum Pumpy-Umpy-Umpkin

Ciko and Momok new home sweet home.

Just I'm a little bit confused, hamster saya ni ada spesies kera sekali ke! Gila kuat memanjat. Pastu kang jatuh buat muka trauma. Lempang baru tau!

Practice Rajin Makes Perfect

Today i had nose bleed again. Seriously i hate it! Maybe its due to the hot weather la kot nak sedapkan hati.

On leave today waiting for abah to fetch me. He's in KL since Monday for his bengkel menggubal soalan i guess. So as i don't have any confident to drive for a long journey with the painful leg, abah will fetch his pretty stubborn princess home hehe. Going to surrender myself to the doctor finally tomorrow! He said they will put besi inside cessss berani takutkan saya.

Banyak kerja rumah siap hari ni. Cleaning up the kitchen macamkan selalu masak hehe, mopping the floor, washed the two bathroom, basuh baju phewww it's tiring macam jadi bibik di rumah sendiri hahahaha.

Sunday Makan Day!

Sunday should be called as day for killing the diet hihihi... The person that should be responsible is mr fiance hahaha.. :p

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I am young and I feel young

Sometimes, sindrom tak sedar diri tu sangat menebal. Feel perasan muda tu memang tak boleh blah hahaha! Bukan tak ingat, but in certain situation automatic jadi lupa. Sangat jarang la saya betul bila isi part umur tu confirm feeling early 20's tu ada. Opsss jangan salah paham yer, saya belum masuk club 30's hokeyy. Susah sangat rahsia kan, saya baru 27 tahun hekkkk!

Saya Budak Baru Belajar

Pepagi dah buat onar hahaa! Tobat takmo pegi dah pejabat pos tu.

Malu okay hikhik! Saya queue sikit punya panjang, lama off course laa. Yang kat belakang pun dah ramai. Confident aje hulur bil letrik siap dengan duit kat abang kaunter tuu! Sekali dia sengih bagi balik bil 'ni dah bayar dah ni dik' kepunden marang sekeper betul! Macam mana la saya buleh tak perasan otak biol lagi kot! Apa dah banyak sangat duit kau haa nak bayar bil sampai 2 kali. Budak belakang senyum kambing, pukul laju-laju baru tau!

Nasib kaki sakit jalan hencot, or else i would run away hahaa! Cakap pasal kaki, hari ni sob sob menahan sakit i couldn't bear the part yang berdenyut denyut tu. Can't wait for next week, doctor silalah buat apa saja asalkan saya tak sakit lagi takmo la saya naik wilcha macam usop haha!

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Cinta Terakhir Echewaah!

I'm hooked to this song hehehe... I also used it for my engagement day video hehe nak upload kat youtube segan pulak ahkak... So enjoy the song!

I'm Back!

Finally after a week...

My injured leg are getting worst, due to kerja berat mengalahkan kerja buat bangunan hahaa.. Sakitnya nak berpijak berjalan apatah lagi. Naaa this is what i got for all the hard work.

So now, i have to decide whether to be admitted in KL or Ipoh. Had a short discussion with my insurance agent to make sure the cost will be covered. I had made a big mistake as i didn't declare about the accident last year and pay for all the treatment sendiri. Cesss dah melarat baru nak bertanya and luckily my case still can be insured by them... Kalau nak senang admit kat SMC aje but no one will look after me here. If kat Ipoh, abah will have to fetch me pulak. Hmmm kaki punya pasal pun buleh bagi pening kepala pikir.

So how?

Coo Cweett!

Hehe baloon for the event. Eh sweet kan combination purple and white, so itulah theme color saya nanti hahaha sian adik-adik ni jadik mangsa kena tolong...

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Esok Balik Yahoo!!

Oh no i got all the fever symptoms since yesterday. Today the sore throat coming up!! Hmmm tolonglah jangan demam sampai la saya balik rumah esok. Nak sakit pun biarlah masa dah abis keje dan dan boleh landing kat atas katil rumah.

Hopefully the event tomorrow will success! Dah seminggu bertempek kat sini keluar pagi balik petang dah macam minah kilang pun ada hahaha! Pagi ni rasa nak marah sebab time ni saya tengok cartoon awal pagi, ni kena bangun pegi buat keje cessssss!

Saya rindu nak balik kampung. Rasanya dah sebulan tak balik busy mengalahkan menteri. Mommy sudah bising saya macam tak peduli nak discuss about wedding preparation. Ok mommy next week anakanda pulang hehehe...

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