Will an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

This box really helps. I just take one set for the day and put inside the handbag hehe. Orang malas memang macam tu. Bukan malas actually, tapi kurang berdisiplin hahahaha. So really hope this time I will help myself to take all those pills. 

Days are getting busy and busy nowadays. Tekanan di office lain, di rumah juga ada tekanan yang tersendiri. Not to mentioned the husband, because he is my heaven hehe. All things put together, and I am becoming more stressful hmmmm. I have been adviced by the doctor not to put so much stress on me, but really I am kind of person yang tak tahu nak hilangkan stress. Nasiblah! And off course, the big reason is that people put the stress on me!

On the other note, the flu and fever are getting better. After about 3 weeks! Yeay I am different remember? Kalau orang lain dah baik, saya masih tak okay ekekeke. Went to see the doctor almost 3 times and change the antibiotics for every visit. Haiiisssh! Same with the husband, we had fever at the same time but he had recovered earlier than me. Love to see him when having a fever sometimes, sebab manja dia lain macam ekekeke. Biasalah orang jarang sakit hihi, nak berkepit aje. Breakfast pun room delivery. Tidur pun alaaaaah shomellllnya hihi. But I am lucky to have him, bila sakit ada orang jaga saya macam nurse pulak. Hope we can take care of each other till the end of life. Love you darling!