Please let me be strong

I'm down with fever again. Rasanya last two weeks pun demam jugak hmmm kerap pulak demam. Is it because of stress sangat dengan macam-macam benda? Off course, the weather also is one of the reason.

I had received an email from an unknown sender claiming that she knows me and asking for some help. It is actually giving me a big question mark. Gila ke hape?

How I wish October will have more weeks, rasa tak sempat nak buat macam-macam. Suddenly all the weekends is full with lot of things to do. Rasa macam tak sempat nak settle semua in this month pening pening. See, I can't actually having so much pressure tapi orang sekeliling saya jugaklah yang bagi tekanan tak kesian ke?

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mytafa said...

sabar ek, kakaida...

aieda said...

insyaAllah. tenkiu.