Yes it's tomorrow

Hello peeps...

Happy weekend again. Must be a lot of things to do for this two days off from work yeaa? Yesss extra lot of things for me also as I am going to move out tomorrow. Guess what, still on my bed haha pengsan semalam balik lambat uruskan rumah kat sana. 

Yesterday was used to settle the furniture for the house. We had completed some of things last weekend, so left was the bedroom and sofa set. Did the survey during my lunch hour yesterday and luckily I am so much interested with the bedroom set and agreed to buy it haha don't have so much time to think over and over again. Waiting for the set to be sent to my new house, malam baru sampai sebab hujan tersangatlah lebat petang tu. Alhamdulilah, I would say almost everything had complete. Yang lain tu sikit-sikitlah laa nanti.

Something funny to tell you. How I chase the dog yang masuk dalam gate. Luckily I close the door grill. Shoooh shooh dia lagi datang dekat, saya baling kertas dia tak layan and last thing adalah menjerit dengan suara sopan 'haaaaaa keluarlaaaaaaaaa' okay dia keluar hahaha gulp...

Okay, had to do the packing before my mom sampai hehehe.

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