Happy Gong Xi Gong Xi

Spend the weekend at Jalan TAR with the husband and parents in law hihi... Kalau nak tunggu pergi dengan encik suami berdua memang payah sikit, both of us memang kalau outing kerja hanya bertapa di shopping mall saje haha... We are not going back to both kampung as the parents in law had decided to come and visit us here in Shah Alam. Plus this was their first time also buat lawatan tapak rumah anak menantu hihi. Glad that they want to spend a night here.

Spend the night before at I-City with them hehe my first time even dah bertahun stay in Shah Alam hihi. What a great night then, used to pose hehe. Sorry I decided not to put the picture all of us together here, for security purposes. You know sometimes people would used your picture to do something bad. Eh kak kiah terasa, hahaha monyet makan cili memang rasa pedas kak buwekkk!

Oh by the way, I had new hobby for 2012. Hehe special thanks to my father and mother in law sebab introduce me to this new thing hehe. So I had 10 pasu right now under my responsibilities to take care off. Nanti they will come and visit again to see my plant heehee..

Hahaha tadaaa. Pagi tadi encik husband dah tolong tanamkan yang ni. Hehehe actually yesterday berjaya pujuk dia bawak pegi nursery for the second time untuk tambah pokok lagi. Hahaha you know me, kalau dah suka I will make sure that I'm completely satisfied hehe. Nasib laki I sporting tau hahahaha!


zurairi said...

stay kat shah alam??? kat klang la... muahahahaha!!!

aieda said...

eleh, sebelum ni i stay shah alam tau hehe..