Assalamulaikum wbt.

Harus bagi salam sebab dah terlampau lama tak update blog kui kui. Kalau rumah tinggal ni dah kira bersawang berhabuk segala. Jangan berhantu sudah haha. Last updated was on September last year. So update kali ni harus dimulakan dengan Happy New Year everybody *lompat bintang*. Reason for not updating the blog was BUSYYYYYYYYYY. Seriously, with studies and life. I am now officialy on study leave for one and a half year, already finished with my first semester. You know, there are so much different when you're doing it part time and full time as a student. Thank you UiTM for the scholarship.

Nothing much nak story about my life, it is just that I am very busy as a wife and student. Semuanya berjalan lancar so far, alhamdulillah. Now I am on my semester break until March, haha tomorrow will fly to Sabah for holiday. Will stay a night at Kundasang and then the rest will be at Kota Kinabalu.

Oh by the way, this is Sofia. Dah besar kan? She will turn 2 this May. Suka makan, suka main IPad, suka berjalan, MidValley is her second home opsss me too. 

On the other note, I am now busy with my online shop as well. Just for fun. Bukan intention untuk cari keuntungan semata. I love baby stuff so my online shop are more into that. Okaylah, nak packing barang for tomorrow. Hope the holiday will be fun. Sebelum masuk semester baru haruslah kita mencari ketenangan dan semangat baru gituuu. Have a nice weekend uolsss.