Practice Rajin Makes Perfect

Today i had nose bleed again. Seriously i hate it! Maybe its due to the hot weather la kot nak sedapkan hati.

On leave today waiting for abah to fetch me. He's in KL since Monday for his bengkel menggubal soalan i guess. So as i don't have any confident to drive for a long journey with the painful leg, abah will fetch his pretty stubborn princess home hehe. Going to surrender myself to the doctor finally tomorrow! He said they will put besi inside cessss berani takutkan saya.

Banyak kerja rumah siap hari ni. Cleaning up the kitchen macamkan selalu masak hehe, mopping the floor, washed the two bathroom, basuh baju phewww it's tiring macam jadi bibik di rumah sendiri hahahaha.


anaztasias nora aira said...

hi salam dari b2b hehe =)