Geuriweo geuriweoseo

Hello peeps, how are you doing? Sorry for the no updates for quite sometimes. Don't really have the mood to write anything here, but i miss my blog so much..

Work just doing fine with me. Cuma ada busy sikit, alhamdulillah the litle big project had successfully finished before the dateline hnsss kembang hidung jap bleh?? Oh tak payah sakit kepala dah pikir yesss yess yess! Seems that nowadays i can't accept too much pressure, or else the result i'm down with big headache.. Atok panadol pun tak jalan dah...

Oh by the way, saya dah tengok Harry Potter with my little boy. How excited when i bring him to watch it 3D. I think that was his first time watching movie in 3D cause as far as i concern that was also the first time ada tiket 3D kat Ipoh. Four star for Harry Potter!

Hmmm life always have the up and down sometimes, so i really hope everything's gonna be just fine and blessed by Him.. InsyaAllah.