Happy Anniversary My Dear

Yes today marked as our 5th year anniversary.

Not many reach this day. But ours here to stay. I am so thankful to Allah that He allowed us to go this far, to be together against all the good and sad days. We're not being near to each other in the first year of being together but yet after so much we had gone through yes we manage to still being together until today. Yet we're so thankful that we're now counting the days to be together in the marriage world, my dreams at first being with him.

All those years ago my dear, you made my world complete. You became my perfect partner in life, and you've been a world-class treat! Thank you my treasured and cherished love, you've made my dreams come true. Your loving and caring have made our years a blissful adventure for two... I love our anniversary now, happier every year... I just wish there would be more time for me to love you, dear...
Love you.


zurairi said...

Hehe. Happy 5th Anniversary my dear. Love n miss u so much.

aieda said...

Hehe thank u.. Love n miss u too.. ;)