Huuuh Weekend Fever!

What a long weekend I had this week. Being at home, you will never feel bored or starving hehehe... It is just that I am down with on and off fever due to my toothache. Actually gigi yang sakit that day tapi end up dengan gusi yang bengkak maybe because of infection. So the dentist had gave me a painkiller and also antibiotic to reduce the swelling of the gum. So selagi tak surut bengkak tu, demam on and off la alahaiii laa...

Yesterday, sempena dengan hari Malaysia we celebrated mom's birthday. Hehehe what a nice date, dah la cuti kan. Had bought her a present and a nice sweet cake. Happy birthday mommy, we love you so much.

On the other note, I had also spent my time playing play station with the little boy. Oh dia dah merdeka, baru abis UPSR kemain lagi dia memerdekan diri menghadap game 24/7. Saya tumpang sekaki la bila rasa badan segar sikit hehe. Lepas tu dok layan hamster gila yang kuat makan tu, hehe new menu for them this week - orange cake hehe... Looking at the picture above, you can see how he enjoyed the cake haha!