I'm Back!

Finally after a week...

My injured leg are getting worst, due to kerja berat mengalahkan kerja buat bangunan hahaa.. Sakitnya nak berpijak berjalan apatah lagi. Naaa this is what i got for all the hard work.

So now, i have to decide whether to be admitted in KL or Ipoh. Had a short discussion with my insurance agent to make sure the cost will be covered. I had made a big mistake as i didn't declare about the accident last year and pay for all the treatment sendiri. Cesss dah melarat baru nak bertanya and luckily my case still can be insured by them... Kalau nak senang admit kat SMC aje but no one will look after me here. If kat Ipoh, abah will have to fetch me pulak. Hmmm kaki punya pasal pun buleh bagi pening kepala pikir.

So how?


Anonymous said...

cadangan saya :

1. ask somebody or incik tunang hantar balik ipoh..sng ada fmly nk tgkkn..xleh sorg2,nnti nk makan,nak ape2 nnti...

2.sila buat rawatan dgn segera..

3.semoga kembali sihat dan cergas sentiasa


aieda said...

HK: Tenkiu so much for ur concern n opinion. Yup saya terfikir jugak untuk admitted di Ipoh aje, at least the parents can look after me... Hopefully everything gonna be fine.:)