Yesss Welcome Friday

Ahaaa congratulating myself for not missing a single day this week to have 20 minutes on the treadmill. Yesss it's tiring when you have to do that after work. Hehe but it's all about strong will. Luckily i have the equipment at home so don't have to go to the gym which saya sangat malassss. So still taking my meal, just a major cutdown of the normal portion hehe hopefully dapat balik figure lama hahaha.

Today gonna be last day for school holiday which means next week traffic will be congested again and it's really a headache for me. Oh for sure kena keluar awal macam selalu oh benci benci benci.

Next Sunday is father's day. Hehe I have bought a present for abah. By chance i'm going back home that week. Besides it's a long weekend as i have work on Monday in Perak luckily the place just very near from the house. Tuesday gonna be another visit to see my orthopaedic. Phewww bila nak habis?