Start back my treadmill mission yesterday. Had completely stop almost two months due to injured leg and the treatment I had to go through. Since no positive respond baik saya mula balik mission menghalau lemak hahaa!

Noticed that my body feel so weak nowadays! Fall asleep before 9... Almost every night tertidur kat sofa aje. I will only wake up when he called me up fuhhh seems that have to find a good supplement for energy, at least will make me more energetic for the day.. Lemau tau macam ni, kalau badan boleh hantar service dah lama aku buat major service plus overhaul hahaha!

Mana laa badan tak penat, hati pun susah jugak. Macam-macam dalam kepala ni, oh i really hope everything gonna be just fine!


win@momyShaneQeisha said...

take a rest dik & happy owes ya :)

iza_hafizah said...

take good rest, dear...")

aieda said...

kak win: thank u. :)
fizah: i will, tengss.