Wooo It's Coming

Hehe just noticed my wedding ticker just now! Oh, hatiku berdebar-debar hahaha! Please not to say about the preparation that surely will give me a big headache!! Whatever it is, I hope everything's gonna be fine dan dipermudahkan olehNya InsyaAllah....

Pray for my success also yaaa to get back into shape hahaha not too kurus macam dulu laa, so that I can be pengantin vogue gituuu lalalala. Eh nampak cam excited pulak eh, no actually but since yesterday my mom keep on asking me to help her choosing the color for the room which I did not much interested hahaha sebenornya saya langsung takde idea plus not creative at all la mommy. You choose for me eh? Hahaha tension dia tadi, but seriously I'm not into that kind yang pandai matching color dengan baju or whatsover. Okay next week anakanda balik kita buat apa yang patut eh hehehe.