Tak Sengaja Eh?

Shopping without planning! Hehe I thought of having a window shopping during the lunch time to Ariani. Yes, I did the window shopping as well as going inside the window ahaaaksss!

Bought four scarf instead of zero intention! Very nice colour and the material off course. You can just feel the different wearing the cheap one and the quality you got from Ariani. Mula-mula masuk tadi memang buat muka tak ada nafsu nak beli, tapi bila dah pegang nak beli sehelai proses memilih disambung lagi hahaha tak boleh blah muka bertukar jadi raksasa tamak!! In the end, akak sambo ompek helai with a good price I would say. They gonna have sales until next week. So no more shopping for the scarf until next month, eh for this month sudah laa hahahaha...

Oh finally it's Friday bebeh! Hehe so much to catch up tomorrow, hope everything going to be fine for us. Sunday will be my rest day at home, esok sila gunakan masa habis-habisan yeaah! So what's your planning for the weekend? Have fun peeps!