Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to mommy... For me, mother's day is everyday, but yet I still wanna let you know that you're so special to us. This weekend as all of us are at home so we decided to celebrate it one day earlier. Sama je kan, yang penting semua ada.

Chocolate Bliss!
Memang bliss pun yummy yummy...

Present for mommy...

The weekend is full of makan-makan activity.... Hahaha biasalah bila dah balik kalau tak makan tu rasa macam rugi aje kan hahaha. But it's okay, makan pun still beringat lagi.

On the other note, my foot seems getting better and better. Hopefully it last! Shows positive respond to the injection, almost didn't feel the pain anymore tapi tak tahu la sebab dok rumah aje tak banyak berjalan. What I would describe - it's like getting a new leg. But still remind myself don't be so happy, it's too early to say it's completely gone.

Oh today going back to KL. Issh malasnya la ahkak.