Arrgghhh Headache!

Still not in the mood to pack up my things. I had a severe headache since last Friday dan hari ni nak angkat kepala pun tak larat. I even asked my friend to buy panadol on her way back from work... Ingatkan dah tidur kejap tadi boleh lega tapi sama jer. He keep on scolding me saying that it's all because about my way of diet. No, it's not...

Luckily i'm on leave today... Hope i'll get better cause there's a lot of things to be pack. Out for a week, so must make sure nothing will be left out.

Had a conversation with my mom just now, i know deep inside she's so worried about me and frustrated off course as i still refused to continue my treatment. She keep on reminding me to think about the future. Pheww.

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Anonymous said...

take a greatest care frend-HK,Melaka

aieda said...

Tenkiu so much. :)