It's Coming Back

Have been a long time, saya tak kena macam tadi. He bring me for lunch, and send me back to the office. Then kepala saya pusing rasa semua benda dah jadi upside down. It's a warning that anytime saya boleh pitam.

Agak panic, bukan tak pernah kena but this time is even worst than before. I feel like crying, berdoa dalam hati janganlah Tuhan amik nyawa saya dalam keadaan saya sangat tak bersedia. So first thing i did was try to call my mother. At least if apa-apa jadi pun, she's the one i wanna talk to.

Alhamdulillah because after a while, saya rasa okay even my vision not so clear. Now after the incident today, i came to realized that i've been neglecting my own health. I even cancelled all the appointment with the doctor. Ya saya bosan, saya penat but maybe i have to think about it back. Hope it will not happened again, takut.

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