Blood Test

Huhu another blood test this Friday! I'm sick of it.. Really sick to come twice a month just for it! Then seeing that cerewet old lady doc is like a nightmare!! She made me sick of seeing her face mumbling the do's and don'ts.. Yes I'm stuck to her advice but yet does she really cares?? Neglecting my treatment for almost a year?? Nak aku mam.pos cepat ke?? Haaa abis geram dah ni... All she has in mind is to take my blood to be tested.. What the hell she want to do with that 12 test tube of my blood for a test?? And yet, the result will be the same every time.. The up and down.. Most of the time the liver enzyme will increased.. Then what the demm stupid she's waiting for?? A liver biopsy?? Then do it.. I'm sick of this routine of going to the hospital for the same bloody stupid thing!! Stress tau tak! Saja nak bagi darah aku naik ke..
After the final procedure dah jalan, then give me the result.. The conclusion.. What can be done? Or nothing can be done.. Or what can I take to slow down the progress of liver failure.. Heei kalo sekejap aku tk bising, this had took me almost a year being like a stupid donkey (dh mmg donkey stupid kan) waiting the final word comes out from your mouth!! Eh ramai patient bukan masalahnya.. Treat as the best you can la.. Kasi cepat so that aku tak payah la pasrah lama sangat.. Boleh angkat kaki pegi jumpa doc lain.. Vavih betul!