Someone Had Got Their Second Chance

Came out with this entry after looking at one site where a patient
who suffered with Autoimmune Hepatits shared his experience of having new liver transplant.. It was in 2005 but I'm happy to see that someone really had their second chance in life... Hope mine will come soon...

The pictures below taken from his site, and it is during
liver transplant...

The diseased liver which is that light browny colour. There is also a tube with a T junction coming from the liver area. This tube was needed because this patient started lossing a lot of blood (22litres) and so the tube was needed.

1- The diseased liver
2 - The bowel

The new liver which is going to keep this patient running for many years to come!
It came from a very good donor.
The image shows:
1 - The new liver
2 - The large bowel
3 - The Stomach

Here you can see the old liver.
As you can see it looks revolting and
you can see that the old liver was in a really bad way
and needed to come out.